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Farrier Specialty Products, LLC

FSP Elite Cuff Shoes Only - Front Hooves

FSP Elite Cuff Shoes Only - Front Hooves

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Farrier Specialty Products' Elite Cuff Shoe is available as a regular or soft fit in a flat or wedge style. Horseshoe sizes are available from 00 to 4, including a half-size 0.5 and 1.5. Add Hoof MD adhesive and black pigment to your order. And, don't forget a pair of shears to trim the kevlar.

Farrier Specialty Products - Striding for Soundness!!

This product is ONLY 2 shoes. If you need installation supplies, 2 shoes, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 mixing cup, 4 mixing sticks, 1 roll of Vet-Wrap and 1 roll of stretch wrap, please choose the shoes with the installation kit HERE.

Available separately:

  • Hoof MD Adhesive
  • Hoof MD Pigment
  • Hoof MD Adhesive Gun
  • Shears
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